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My name is Tie-She Thomas, I am the founder of the Beautiful Kids Non-Profit Organization aims to support children who have been diagnosed with alopecia. Our focus is to provide alopecia awareness, help find a cure, and to build self-esteem in the children afflicted with this condition. Alopecia, an autoimmune disease, cause hair loss on the scalp, and in more extreme cases, the entire body. Many of the children suffer from bullying at the hands of peers and strangers. Proceeds from B.K.O fundraisers held throughout the year have gone to both Hampton University's Skin of Color Research Institute and Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS) Department of Dermatology to support and further their research on alopecia. 


Our largest fundraiser is our Annual Alopecia Awareness Spring Seminar This particular event highlight local talent and provides information regarding alopecia to the public. Providing this event helps us to fulfill our goal by spreading alopecia awareness and reducing bullying by teaching and sharing real-life experiences. This particular event has grown immensely over the years. Initially, the event was held in a local high school auditorium and it is now being held in the Hampton Roads Convention Center 1610 Coliseum Dr. Hampton Virginia 23666. 

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